CH Kharismas Crenshaw Etched In Stone

" Mason"


( OFA Hips & Elbows, Pattellas, PRA, Cysturina, CERF, Cardiac)



Mason stands at stud to approved Bitches.



Mason's first show weekend at 6 months old. The first picture is of Jade, Mason's sister, owned by 

Kharisma Mastiffs. On that day Jade was Best Of Winners and Mason won Winners Dog.

The second picture was day two of that weekend and Mason won Best Of Winners.



  Mason winning Best of Breed Puppy  at 9 months.                       Mason winning Best of Opposite at 11months.

At the Chicago International Show.                                                              (over two specials)


Mason at 12 months old taking 1st Place in the Open Apricot Class at the MCOA 2005 Specialty.

( handled by his breeder Karen Pettry)



Mason's first  Best Of Breed win at 12 months.                      Mason at 13 months winning Winners Dog.



Mason winning Best Of Breed and his first major.               Mason winning Best Of Breed (handled by Karen Pettry).

(13 months old)                                                                         (14months Old)


New Champion! Mason winning Best Of Winners for a 4 point major.

(14 months)



Best Of Breed at 15 months.                                         Best Of Breed at 16 months.



More Best Of Breed wins at 16 months.



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