Peerless Mastiffs

Past Breedings:




Diva                                                                                    Mason


Landondale's Peerless O No U Didn't                                               Ch Kharismas Crenshaw Etched In Stone


Puppies were born November 27,2008!!

( 1 apricot brindle male, 2 fawn females, 3 apricot females, 1 fawn brindle female,

                     4 apricot brindle females)





Peerless's Next Top Model - Tyra


Black/Red - apricot girl ( with us L to R 8wks. & 13 mo. )



Peerless's  Ghetto Fabulous - Tanisha



Black - apricot brindle girl ( with us L to R 8wks. & 13 mo.)



Peerless's In A Nutshell - Peanut



Blue/Yellow - fawn girl ( with us L to R 8wks. & 13 mo.)



Peerless's Somthing Sweet - Candie



Red/White - fawn girl ( Loved by the Liber Family here in Wisconsin  L to R 8wks. & 15mo.)



Peerless Rockee Top Talk To The Paw - Ebony



Red - apricot brindle girl (Loved by Roanne Rist & Carrie Klaiber in New York L to R 8wks. & 14mo.)




Peerless Oasis Man Of The Mansion - Hefner aka Hef


Blue - apricot brindle boy (Loved by the the McMahan family in Texas L to R 8wks. & 14mo.)




Peerless Sobrina Rayada at Oasis - Sobrina aka Brina


(11/27/08 to 12/10/09)



White - apricot brindle girl (She is loved by the McMahan family in Texas L to R 8wks. & 14mo.)

Brina unfortunately passed at 12mo of age. She had gotten into the trash and ate something she shouldn't have.

As a result she had an intestinal blockage that caused a lot of internal damage.

To save her most of her intestines and pancreas would have had to be removed.

It was best to just let her go. We do want to Thank Teresa McMahan

for going above and beyond in her efforts to save Brina.




Beatrice - aka Bea


Red/Blue - apricot girl (Loved by the Jones family in Texas L to R 8wks. & 14mo. )






Yellow/Black - fawn brindle girl (Love by and seeing North America with the Focht Family L to R 8wks. & 12mo.)







Blue/White - apricot girl (loved by the Cheatham family in Illinois L to R 8wks. & 14mo.)






Yellow - apricot brindle girl (Loved by the Stenoien family in Minnesota 8wks.)






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